California Home Insurance

Don’t Let Life’s Wild Cards Take Away Your Biggest Investment

You worked hard to own your home and chances are, it’s your biggest investment.  Why would you possibly risk losing it and more by not having the best homeowner’s insurance policy possible? 

If you have a mortgage, you have to have insurance on your home.  But is your current policy giving you the protection you need?  There are many common events that aren’t covered in standard home insurance and most people don’t find that out until they are on the hook for the expenses.

Does Your Current Insurance Cover Flooding?

You don’t have to live near a river, lake or the ocean to have flooding issues.  With our mostly dry weather, one nasty storm can send torrents of water into your home, loosen the hillsides and cause a whole lot of damage.  Most California homeowner insurance policies don’t cover that kind of damage. 

How About Lawsuits?

If someone gets hurt on your property, you could easily be sued.  Did you know lawyers buy lists of people who have been in accidents or hurt on someone’s property?  They call the victims and pitch their services within days of an incident.  You might think no one you know would ever sue you, but when lawyers start talking about big pay days, all bets are off.

Having the right insurance in that situation would make sure you’re not personally liable for a settlement.  That could mean the difference between living the life you have worked so hard to build or having it all taken away in a flash. 

Has Anything Changed?

Real estate values in our wonderful state are like a ride at Magic Mountain.  If your house is worth more or less than when you bought it, you might need an insurance policy adjustment. Likewise, if you have increased or decreased possessions, you will also need to make sure your insurance policy reflects that.

You could be paying too much or not have enough coverage.  Don’t get caught with a gap in your protection or stuck paying more than you should.  Your financial well-being and family’s future could be destroyed just because your insurance agent sold you a standard policy that didn’t fit your actual needs.

WHINS Insurance Agency

Whether you are blindsided by a storm or a lawsuit, thinking afterward about what you should have done before the event is for the reckless. The responsible know better. Remember, we are all just one twist of fate away the devastation of having to start over.

At WHINS Insurance Agency we have protected the citizens of California since 1959 and would love a chance to help protect you too.  We know that a homeowner insurance policy is like a suit.  Sure, you can buy a standard one off the rack, but the best option is getting a custom tailored one. 

We sit down with you and get to know you and your insurance needs.  Then, we work with over thirty different insurance companies to find the perfect policy.  We will lay out all of your options, the different coverage levels and prices, so you can make an informed and unbiased choice. 

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