Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance: Give Your Assets a Life Jacket

Flood insurance is vital in protecting your assets and finances. Mother Nature's most forceful hand can easily wipe out property as well as bank accounts. Lack of preparation spells out devastating loss.

Anyone who has experienced a major flood knows that it comes with heartbreaking financial repercussions. The expenses of temporary shelter alone can easily exceed savings and available funds. Flood insurance can prevent an unfortunate domino effect that can lead to financial ruin and destroyed credit.

Everybody has heard the expression 'life is unfair,' and that never proves to be more true than after a flood. To be devastated financially for a reason out of your control is absolutely heartbreaking. On top of financial problems, the sheer magnitude of losing so many possessions at once can be completely overwhelming. Retrospect offers the very best view, but it also offers the harsh reality of too little, too late. The only time you really need flood insurance is BEFORE the flood...which means now is the time to get it!

It is important to know that flood insurance comes with a solid month of no protection. This means that after a policy is purchased, 30 days will pass before the insurance kicks in. This is just another reason why time is such a huge factor in getting insured. You are fighting against a fast moving clock, that bears significant consequences.

The most common reason for people to go without flood insurance is explained by the simple cliché of 'It won't happen to me.' This unfortunate line of thinking is the reason that so many people face financial damage when faced with emergency. Sometimes people will feel that they are safe from flooding because it doesn’t happen very often where they live. Unfortunately, what they fail to realize is that areas which experience less flooding, are far less prepared when it does happen.

Flood insurance protects from financial devastation that one rarely realizes beforehand. Water is one of the most powerful forces of nature, and it's absolutely not to be underestimated. Experts say that the expense of flood damage can be estimated by a simple formula: every inch of water equals $7,000 in damages. This staggering figure could wipe out anyone’s personal finances, as well as create debt that is much deeper than the water.

Contacting an agent at WHINS Insurance Agency will ensure the perfect protection plan. You can expect a full explanation of how flood insurance works in Encino, and make an informed decision on what is best for you. Don't procrastinate at the expense of your possessions. If faced with a flood you can either let your possessions sink, or let them float to the top with flood insurance.