California Earthquake Insurance

Earthquakes are a Fact of Life in California:  Be Prepared

Here in California, there is no “if” when it comes to the next earthquake.  We can only wonder where and when it will strike and how bad will it be.

Are you properly prepared for the next big quake? 

Preparation goes far beyond emergency supplies and knowing how to shut off the gas line to your house.  If you’re not properly insured against earthquake damage, you can find your physical and financial worlds in ruin.

The Truth About Insurance and Earthquakes

Just because you have homeowners, renters, condominium or mobile home insurance, it doesn’t mean you’re automatically covered in an earthquake.  Most insurance policies don’t include coverage for earthquake damage at all.  

Earthquake insurance is like flood insurance; you usually have to add it to your standard policy if you want coverage.  If you don’t have the protection of earthquake insurance, you will be left to cover any damage that occurs to your possessions or house on your own.

Did you know that if an earthquake destroys your house or damages it to the point where it is condemned, you are still financially responsible for the mortgage?  Without earthquake insurance you are left to deal with all of that on your own.

Is California Earthquake Insurance Worth It?

Getting caught unprepared in a situation like this would mean complete financial ruin for most Californians.  If you’re like most people, your house is your biggest asset and it contains many of our other high value assets (electronics, cars, jewelry, etc). 

Without the proper coverage you could find out that the homeowners insurance policy you have been paying for isn’t worth the paper it’s written on and you have nothing to fall back on.  That is why getting the right level of earthquake insurance for your unique needs is so important.

Protect yourself, your assets and your future by making sure you have the right amount of California earthquake insurance coverage in place today.          

WHINS Insurance Agency:  California Earthquake Insurance Experts

Here at WHINS Insurance Agency, we’ve been helping protect Californians since 1959 with the right insurance policies and we can help you too. 

We will explain all of your earthquake protection options and find the right insurance coverage for you.  We work with dozens of insurers, which allows us to deliver a policy that fits your needs and budget perfectly without sacrificing coverage.  

Don’t put off protecting your most important assets another day!  Enter your zip code above for your free earthquake insurance quote now.